Kristine Stepanyan

Christina official

I am a psychologist-psychotherapist of more than 14 years and a candidate for permit of Quebec’s Psychologists’ Order (OPQ) through the process of equivalence. My academic background is Master’s in Psychology. Currently I am doing doctoral studies in psychology with University of Montreal (UdeM). I work in the narrow collaboration of my supervisor who is the acting member of OPQ for more than 40 years and former President of Canadian Psychoanalytical Association. Through this weekly regular collaboration, I can give receipts for all who want to be covered and reimbursed by their insurance for psychological services.

My areas of specialization are the research of psychodynamic patterns, ego psychology, attachment and object relations, depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, traumatisms, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, phobia, fear of abandonment, self-esteem, relational issues, ruptures, mourning and bereavement.

I work with a reduced scale – $50-$100 for individuals and for relational groups.

I combine integrative approaches of psychological techniques into psychotherapy — mainly psychodynamic, gestalt, humanistic-existential, neuropsychological, emotion-focused therapy (EFT), systemic, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness and positive psychology.

I am at your disposal to meet you, listening to your life narrative-story and support you in the turbulent, difficult phase of your life path through a caring, empathic, humanistic, non-judgmental therapeutic alliance. To accompany you in the creation and consolidation of nurturing feelings for your psychological wellbeing, to assist you in the expression of yourself and of exteriorization of your chief concerns, anxious thoughts, ambivalent emotions, to be there for you in the process of your journey for the exploration of your dreams.

I am here to help you, in a collaborative way, to bring out, verbalize the unresolved conflicts from its depths to consciousness to free yourself of your intrapsychic tensions and to contribute into your emotional and cognitive harmony and balance between your interior world and your external relations. Your own introspectively oriented reflections and analysis of functional and dysfunctional schemas/patterns of your thoughts and emotions in the presence of the therapeutic interventions can become a creative way to go towards your proper insights, discoveries and changes – underpinning adequate perspectives and readjusted life plans.

I work with individuals, couples, families and also, I has the experience of providing group therapy to people coming with difficulties of anger management and self-image, self esteem’s rehabilitation needs as well as other psychological issues.

As psychologist-psychotherapist highly valorising the significance of supportive attitude towards Human Rights, I also provide LGBTQ community with the psychotherapy working with many people identifying themselves as members of LGBTQ community. Humanly and professionally, I deeply believe in human rights’ protection importance and consecutively, as professional, it is my honor to provide the equally qualified psychological support (having a training for working in therapy with LGBTQ community), accompaniment and guidance if needed to every single human being as we are all humans’ fundamental needs and rights in our pursuit for security, liberty of choice, understanding, acceptance, self-realisation, love and belonging, pursuit for happiness as well as in our struggles, sufferings in stressful life events, depression and coping with existential anxiety.

For all that, I am grateful to our noble profession of psychologist, that during all these years I have supported and, today, I continue to support in my current practice, LGBTQ community people all along with all other diversity of human beings.

In my practice, many times, I have contributed with my professional skills, administering/preparing psychological evaluations/reports and sending them to respective medical or related institutions and insurance companies by my clients’ requests; with developing/writing letters of support for LGBTQ people and just every person who needed them with whom I work/ed in therapy – providing full services of psychological accompanying and support to take a complete care of their wellbeing.

Clients interested in working with me may contact me at

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